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Publish Fee

Publish your motorcycle with us!


To post an ad you first have to register in our website, for free. Ckeck your mail box and open email with link activation. We also recommend you to ckeck spam box.

Once you are activated, you can publish your ad with us filling the form. By posting an item for sale, you'll pay a publication fee. The cost varies according to the ad exposure:

Standard Advertisement: USD 14 (Duration: 180 calendar days from the date of publication)

(optional) Premium Ad: USD 12 more (Duration: 30 calendar days from the date of publication. This option will appear after you publish your standard ad. Check your email box to upgrade your ad)

(optional) Move to top: USD 10 (This aditional option allow you to pay and have your listing item moved to the top. Old listings will appear on the top positions of website, granting more visibility. Very useful for those users who, with the pass of time, their ads are relegated to interior pages with less visibility)


There will be times when we will have promotional rates, then the cost of the ad or its duration will vary according to the promotion.
For the transaction to the publication of the notice is safe for all, the method of payment is by PAYPAL. There you can choose to pay through your PayPal account or with your credit card.

If you are a dealer motorcycle and / or you have 5 or more bikes to sell, you will receive a special fee of publication. Or if you are a company and want to advertise with us, we also have special promotions. For features brands, please contact us.

For more information write to: